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LITER, Blockchain Enabled and Incentivized Review and Reward Platform

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The blockchain enabled and incentivized review and reward platform where anyone can conveniently and freely write reviews, engage in and be rewarded for these activities. Honest and constructive reviews of best products and services will be produced and naturally be recognized through LITER’s unique blockchain infrastructure.

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In the past 3 years, we have built a global review platform and provided services to 7 countries (beta services to 4 countries.)

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Subscribe to LITER news, updates, and other fun features.

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David Kim @ Hong Kong Meet UP ConsenSys + Eosys July-2018


A. Current influencer marketing that is concentrated to a few, high cost influencers increases ineffective marketing and generates advertiser-driven reviews. However, LITER’s unique blockchain infrastructure provides an environment where anyone can freely write reviews, engage in, and be rewarded for these activities. From this, honest and constructive reviews are produced as well as disseminated and advertiser’s marketing is cost-effective with transparent spending in user rewards based on engagement.
LITER is built upon resources from its first partner, 0.8L, the global marketing and commerce platform with over 4500 advertisers and 60K reviewers from the past 4 years of business. Unlike other projects with similar concept and services, LITER looks to construct actively running review and reward platform based upon blockchain technology with 0.8L’s review service know-hows and resources.
A. Through LITER’s REWARD SYSTEM, reward is calculated from the user responses (engagement: like, rating, abuse reporting to reviews) gathered for 72 hours with each vector’s weight, and provided in LITER POINT units to designated recipient’s individual wallet. These LITER POINTS obtained through review activities can be used for services offered within the app and converted to LITER COINS for activities outside the app or cashing. In other words, LITER COIN is a unit that connects LITER POINT and fiat money.
A. Conversion rate between LITER POINT and LITER COIN is 1:10. Upon conversion, fees and conversion minimum may be applied. Conversion is allowed from LITER POINT to LITER COIN but not vice versa, except for the case when advertisers request for Advertising Review Campaign. In order to build and maintain sound environment for LITER ecosystem, LITER POINT can only be earned from contributing activities, not to be purchased nor leased. LITER COIN is the only unit convertible to fiat money.
A. LITER being built on resources of its first partner 0.8L, our team was able to obtain information and guidelines we needed for abusing. Studying the past 4 years of 0.8L service and other similar abusing cases on currently running apps, we have completed LITER’s own abusing guidelines and the algorithms that will be implemented. The initial service will have user reporting system and centralized abusing guideline that detects improper reviews. When the LITER reward system is stabilized, LITER will implement additional notification algorithm that automatically detects the error or improper postings. For more information on abusing, please see the user guideline.
LITER’s priority is to build the sound and transparent review and reward environment where users are rewarded for their contribution. With effort and determination to manage and keep the environment as planned, we will do our best.
A. 27 billion units of LITER COIN are issued and 10% is allocated in Token Sales.
A. As the service condition and technical circumstances change, the White Paper can be modified and updated except for the main concept and policies. We do not inform you separately or individually when the changes occur, but will try our best to maintain accuracy and updated version of White Paper and materials on the website.
A. LITER’s main goal is the service launch. At this point, we do not have any plan for a public ICO.
A. LITER is a project run by overseas foundation and is not under Korean Jurisdiction.
A. LITER’s open beta service is scheduled to launch in January. At the stage, only current active members of 0.8L will be participating first. Then when the reward system stabilizes with the date gathered from its open beta service, LITER’s official launch will take place in Q3, 2020 and anyone who is willing to share experiences can participate. Please stay connected with LITER where users freely and happily write reviews, engage in, and be rewarded from the activities.